Touchdown Colts!

Sorry Tennessee, David helped cheer the Colts on to a 23–0 victory yesterday.

Touchdown Colts! (QuickTime MP4, 576 KB)

We’re so proud

We are so proud that we have taught David to eat brussels sprouts!

David tries brussels sprouts (QuickTime MP4, 920 KB)

However, we are less proud of the fact that he learned another trick from somewhere else.

Excuse me?! (QuickTime MP4, 952 KB)

Roads may ice

Thrilling weather we’re having today. More sleet is expected tonight, so the morning is going to be a blast. Whee!


Black ice

Black ice


Merry Christmas! We hope this season finds you filled with joy — the state of being, not just the emotion. As you can see, we’re making some changes around here. Be patient, we’ll get it sorted out by this weekend!


And go Colts!

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