The Station

In the same building where Papa’s used to be (for those of you who know where that is), there is now another opportunity for family dining.

We sat outdoors on the patio after a long day trip, and it was just right. Though they have a full bar, their beer selection was a little on the skimpy side (but we both found something nevertheless). Read the rest of this entry

Big City Delicatessen

You know how sometimes you order something that you’ve had a million times before, but somehow it just seems better this time around? Case in point: Big City Deli.

Housed in the same building as the new-and-improved Kahn’s Fine Wines on Keystone Ave (they moved a few blocks south of the old location), the employees were so friendly and eager to please.

Chris opted for a classic Chicago style hot dog and wow. Again, it was something he’d had many times before, but something about the bright neon green of the relish or the way the dog popped when you bit into it or the poppy seeds pattered to the table… this was a goooooood dog. Read the rest of this entry