Thai One On

Located in the house where Tavola di Tosa used to reside, this new resident was pretty good for a Saturday night. We ordered the spring rolls vegetarian and were surprised when they came out cold, but the peanut dipping sauce was awesome. Chicken drunken noodles were just spicy enough ( I ordered it at a 3 out of 5) and the veggies were crisp, just how I like them. Chris’s Thai One On special had friend cellophane noodles and a very savory soy-flavored sauce that was great with his veggies, too. Jon ordered some kind of Riesling (always good with Asian food) and the banana wontons for dessert would have been much better warmed up (like the spring rolls) but they were friend bananas: can that ever really be bad? Our waitress was a little spacy (and she poured three huge glasses of wine and one really small one) but the artwork on the wall and the tasty food satisfied us pretty well. Read the rest of this entry

Hollywood Bar and Filmworks

First word of advice: join the club. Do you go to more than three movies a year? Then go ahead and pay the $39 to get a membership. Your card gets you and three friends into movies free Sunday through Thursday, so it’s worth it. Just call ahead to make reservations and your social activities for the evening are taken care of. Read the rest of this entry


Christopher successfully managed to keep this a surprise destination for Emily’s birthday dinner (she usually guesses ahead of time and ruins the fun). If you’d ever been to Tavola di Tosa or Thai One On, you know where this quiet, under-the-radar restaurant is located on Ferguson St. in Broad Ripple, right across the street from Rene’s Bakery.

At any rate, we both expected this to be an uppity, almost-out-of-our-league kind of restaurant, but our waitress was so friendly and approachable it made us feel much more comfortable. Plus, they had Built to Spill (one of Emily’s favorite college bands) playing the background, so that was another point in their favor.

Part of the restaurant’s philosophy includes using ingredients that come from local providers in Indiana. The other part focuses on the experience of flavors, and we decided to whole-heartedly embrace the idea, choosing some dishes we might not have tried before and being adventurous, even for us. Read the rest of this entry


For seven years, we’d been hearing about how fabulous and ritzy Palomino is… the fancy place downtown where you go if you want to impress your clients. Well, we were thrilled enough with a night out for grown-ups only, so we finally decided to try it.

My initial response? Ehh… The place was packed, which made sense (going out to dinner two weeks before Christmas on a Friday night when you’re attached to a mall is a guarantee that you’ll have company) but didn’t subtract from our service. Our waitress was friendly, busy, and a little absent-minded (she first brought the wrong glass of wine, then charged me for three glasses, then charged me for the most expensive glass on the menu, then finally took off the charge all together). But like I said, she was friendly. Read the rest of this entry

Moe’s Southwest Grill

If you’re looking for another “fresh Mex” joint to add to the growing list, go right ahead and put Moe’s under “just OK”. Nothing new and exciting (except the fun names of their menu offerings), but the food is decent. The tortilla chips are actually more tasty than most places offer, warm and limey and salty. Read the rest of this entry