Amalfi Ristorante Italiano

Rumor has it that “Mama” works in the kitchen preparing many of the dishes and the fantastic sauce offered by Amalfi. Wow!

We were in the mood for something quiet and romantic, and we managed to snag an outdoor table for four on a Saturday evening. The weather was pleasant, our server (Ishamel) was very friendly, and while it’s rare that all four of us are totally satisfied, this time we were in total agreement. We wanted to bring Mama home with us.

Bread was a sort of rosemary flatbread (not quite as “nasty” as we would have preferred, but very tasty) and was served warm… a must. The house salads were served with a beautifully balanced viniagrette, and Chris ordered his Ceasar with (real) anchovies.

And then there was dinner. Jon loved his spinach ravioli (smothered in the sauce…have we mentioned the sauce?!). Christine’s gnocci were equally as pleasing. I had the fetuccini with red clam sauce (forgive me for not recalling the fancy Italian name), and though clams aren’t typically my most favorite seafood, it was the perfect combination of flavors. My sauce was slightly different from everyone elses, but just as good. Chris had the tortellini Michaelangelo (cheese tortellini with bacon, onions, and a light cream sauce) and it was so worth all the stolen bites I snitched.

Then we went for dessert. Christine enjoed the cheesecake, Jon tried the homemade tiramisu and a glass of Sambuca (which burned my nose from across the table). Chris and I split the ice cream dessert, and it was fabulous. To top off his evening, Chris also sampled the homemade Limoncello, and as he put it, “It was the same revelation I had when I first tried port: where has this drink been all my life? Why have I not tried this before?” I know I shouldn’t have, but I had the teeniest sip, and it was wonderful. It made the meal. I can’t wait to be able to have my own big girl glass!

In addition to the fabulous food, we made a new friend in Chef Mario. He came out to talk with us when we asked for dining suggestions for our trip to the Amalfi coast. Although it had been 14 years since he had last visited, he gave us some names and we promised we’d see if they’re still around. At the very least, we promised we’d come back after the trip (if not before) and give him an update, and he warned us that Naples is dangerous for tourists. We’ll stay away.

What a delightful evening! We’re going to certainly come back for another dinner, and if it’s as enjoayble as our first experience, plan to see four stars…

Update: You’ll notice that we’ve added that last half-star. Yes, it’s just that good. We love this place.