P. F. Chang’s China Bistro

We’ve decided that for a chain Chinese food restaurant, Chang’s does pretty well. Their food is very reasonably priced (you can have leftovers for lunch, no problem) and always very tasty. I recommend the big fat rice noodles, but the moo shu pork is good and the fried banana dessert, while not terribly Chinese in origin, is awesome.

Unfortunately we have reduced their rating by half a star because we’ve found their service to be spotty. Of note was our last visit, in which our server seemed to have little interest in speaking loudly enough for us to hear him, or offering wine, appetizers, or dessert (I don’t recall having to initiate the request at a restaurant of this type in recent memory &ndash we wanted all three), and he disappeared for long stretches, including when our dinners were to be brought out. My dinner waited on a tray next to our table for some time while he was summoned to finish preparing it, during which time it grew cold. No reason was given, and none could be assumed, given that the restaurant was not nearly as busy during our late Tuesday visit as we usually see it at other times. Still, this poor service has not proven to be the norm, but we’re going to wait a while before we return, and when we do, we’ll hope for better luck.