Sapporo Japanese Steak House & Sushi

Sushi in the front, hibachis in the back. Watch out for onion volcanoes and flying shrimp. The hibachi chefs are silly and friendly. It helps you with the realization of how much butter goes into restaurant food, but if you opt for the salad, the dressing is much better here than elsewhere. The sushi section is more restrained. The goldfish stay in the pond. Small children sometimes do, too. A word to the wise, however: they are not equipped to handle large parties, such as, say, a rehearsal dinner.

Shalimar Indian Restaurant

Rtandard Indian cuisine with a weekday lunch buffet worthy of a big, fat nap afterwards. There’s always a coupon in the Nuvo, look for it. Caters well to vegetarians


An unusual, but rewarding experience. We were pleasantly surprised by the zesty dinners and the friendly atmosphere shared by the patrons and servers alike. It was clear that many diners are regulars, from the family feel. Dinners featured ingredients such as saffron-scented rice, pasta pillows, and tangy greens

Old Point Tavern

Fun, happening place in the middle of the Mass Ave district. Careful, they’ll card you in the evenings. It’s worth it, though, because their sandwiches are pretty decent, the soup is good, and they offer a pretty satisfying beer list.

Udupi Cafe

All-vegetarian Indian experience. Located in the back of a line of Indian video stores, jewelry shops, and a grocery store. You have to be told about it to have any idea it’s there. Seek it out, it’s worth the effort. Eat with your hands, ache with your full belly

The Parthenon

Good Greek food in the heart of Broad Ripple. Not only do their (vegetarian) dolmades and pasticchio rank highly, they have belly dancers for your entertainment. As if the saganaki (flaming cheese) wasn’t entertaining enough…

Ram Restaurant

Typical brew pub…beer is good (you can even buy it to bring home on Sundays!) but food is way overpriced and not nearly worth it. Except for the Titan toothpicks. They’re OK.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Same as the Ram, just a different name: good beer brewed on premises, but the dinners are uninspired, flat, bland, and cost more than they’re worth. Outdoor seating on the wide Washington Street sidewalk, if you’re into people watching

The Red Key Tavern

Right around the corner, as local as it gets. But I wish I liked the place better. They make fun of you if a) you don’t order beer and b) you order an import. No Guinness?!